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About Us

From past 5 generations my family been doing the astrology.I am the only son where as my Grandfather has 14 brothers & 1 sister.We are totally 37 grand childrens in them,I am the eldest.My mother identified the gift which was on me and surrendered me to the temple,for better knowledge and spiritual wisdom.I was the only child to get the gift among everyone in my family.
My Education
When I started my new life in the temple at age of 5.I was a very matured kid.I saw visions and God used to talk with me in dreams.My Guru(Teacher) Swami,Veera Brahmendra taught me the Secret prayers to deal with materialistic and spiritual problems which people face in the world.He also gave me his “moola mantra”(Secret Prayer”) to me and ordained me.For 15 years,I was in the temple and then into real time readings.

Indian traditional astrologer are one of the best astrologers in USA and Canada who are endowed with the gift of predicting the future through the insights which nobody can match, with an accuracy that removes the negative influences on people’s lives.We are gifted with intuitive power which can see the future of people.We are also known as Best Indian Astrologer in new york,South Carolina and North Carolina.

There are many cases where things do not work out as per your plan , we are here to help you out in the correct direction and the correct time when you should do that work to avoid any difficulty . This is one the best service provider of astrology services in USA and Canada.

There are different astro solutions which work against the evil impacts of any evil spell. We are here to provide the service which can help these clients to fight against evil spell and black magic.

Our customers fully trust on us and we have gained much appreciation from many of our clients who have referred their friends and family members to us.

We are committed to help the people in any manner for their better future with little income for our livelihood.

Best Spiritualist and Astrologer in Canada

Best Astrologer in North Carolina

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